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6 x 4 m Classic

It is a 6m long*4m wide*2.8m high classic cabin. This is a good size for storage, temporary office,  a temporary room and etc., we can arrange the windows and doors on any positions you want. If you want to have more door or have a dividing wall in middle to make a two rooms, we can do that for you.  If you wan to move after built, just hook on each corner on top, a haib truck can take it to any where you want. We can built that in 2 days once you place a order


Cabin Size: 6m long * 4m wide * 2.8m high.

The flat pack Price:  $9500incl GST.

Assembling fee:  $2200 incl GST.

Standard Power works:  $ 1800/unit (Auckland only).Please inquire for prices outside of Auckland.

Delivery fee: $400 for flat pack delivery in Auckland area. Just contact us to make a quote if out of Auckland.

Plumbing works: Please contact for details.

Note:  The price is only for Cabin, excluding any power, plumbing and foundation works.

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Showing the single result

Master Cabins
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