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Master Cabins specialize in portable building materials supply and portable assembling. We own the materials manufactory in overseas,always have stocks in New Zealand, All quality and lead time are under control. And the professional assembling team always can make your dream to come true.
Our Assembling Team
Our professional assembling team always can make your dream to come true
Frequently asked questions
This is a big purchasing decision, we understand you may have a few questions.
See if you can find an answer here, or get in touch to talk to our team.
Please send an email to to have a quote.
Yes, we can offer detailed video instructions to help you to achieve that, and contact us if you have any technical issues.
For a portable building under 30m2, it is consent free, but please double check with your local council.
It usually takes 2-3 working days to completely to build a cabin.
Yes, we are proud to confirm that all of our cabins are built by experienced builders.
$3000/cabin deposit is needed once you confirm an order, and clear the balance before we start to build
We offer 3 years warranty for all of cabin parts.
Yes, just hook on top of each corner, then a hiab truck can move it to anywhere you want.
Just make sure the cabin sits on a exactly level place, can sit on like timber, bricks, concrete and so on.
A 4m long and 2.4m wide flat deck trailer is the best option for that.
You will need to prepare a foundation for cabin. The cabin can sit on top of any timber, concrete or bricks, just make sure it is exactly level, that’s it.
The best way to get a quote is to send us your design or a drawing, then we can make a detailed quote for you.
Yes, they can!
For a flat pack, we can delivery that with our truck, or use the third party freight company to delivery or you can arrange a flat deck trailer to pick them up by yourself.
For assembled cabins, we can arrange a hiab truck to delivery.
If you would like to assemble on your site, we will use our own truck to delivery all materials to your place.
Master Cabins
Master Cabins owns the manufactory in overseas. We can guarantee to always offer a high standard quality with the best reasonable price.
Welcome to visit our showroom to check the products.
We can offer purchase, lease to buy and rental options.
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